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We did it, again!

DONATE Update – the 2nd SisterSMATR Fab Lab We did it, again! Fab Lab 2018 -2019 Commencement and Celebration at Robert F. Wagner Jr. Tech

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What MATRS in 2019

#Welcome Hello Sisters and Geeky Mavens! The women of SisterSMATR are “Daughters, Dreamers, Doers and Disrupters! “ With this as our mantra, we are joyfully

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Recap: The Fab Lab

Working closely with the Robert Wagner High School, SisterSMATR launched its first after school pilot program, “The Fab Lab” at the Long Island City YMCA. Nine girls, aged 13 to 16, received a planned sequence of instruction twice a week for eight weeks, gaining exposure to animation, sound, robotics, graphic design, film/video and coding.

These young women, supported by SisterSMATR mentors, received direct experience of arts and technology as a powerful vehicle for cultural expression.


SistersMATR @ The Women's March

Check out the all of the pictures from the Women’s March on Washington.

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