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The women of SisterSMATR are “Daughters, Dreamers, Doers and Disrupters! “ With this as our mantra, we are joyfully committed to actions that ensure “women think” wholly disrupts the “man think” paradigm.  Indeed, our mantra is the fuel that drives me to accomplish different levels of success in the many fields connected to my passion of learning and sharing.

It was a couple of years ago, while sitting in Marcus Garvey Park with my friend JoAnn Chase, that I shared my frustration with the technology norm and my dream to disrupt it. As a Doer, I felt there was a need to alter the image of white male dominated institutions, work places, and societies that are surrounded by invisible high, wide and deep walls. These barriers continue to disregard the importance of the inclusion of women, specifically young women of color. I want to support the next generation of young female tech entrepreneurs by creating platforms that seek to leverage art and community and eliminate the gender gap in science and technology for young women of color. I am committed to continuing to create, innovate and engage ideas that remove barriers for our future women leaders.

Helping me to manifest my dream, JoAnn and I reached out to other fierce women who were also Daughters, Dreamers, Doers and Disrupters and the response was the birth of SisterSMATR.org!  Makani Themba, Michelle DePass, China Blue, Cynthia Sley, Asa Arnold, Diane McGrath, Agnes Mocsy, and Laurie Anderson were onboard immediately! Their vision and support has given SisterSMATR invaluable tools, voices, and contacts to ensure its success.

I have always felt that community – yes, it takes a village and sometimes a global village! — is an essential part of nurturing and raising children. I believe there is even a greater need for community today because of drastic changes in society on a global level. I was so grateful, encouraged and honored to work with the SisterSMATR squad to implement our first 8-week after school pilot program, Fab Lab, in the spring of 2016, at the Long Island City, Vanderbilt YMCA. We learned a great deal during the pilot and have spent the last few months revising our curriculum based on input we received from the first Fab Lab participants, our amazing volunteer teachers and a host of other supportive individuals with incredible experience and expertise! I am thrilled we are launching Fab Lab 2018 this fall in partnership with Hi-ARTS, a ground-breaking arts organization in New York City. Stay tuned for more updates!

Support Daughters, Dreamers, Doers and Disrupters to come out of our brothers’ shadows and blaze new paths by changing lives and making history!

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Join us Oct. 2nd For Fab Lab 2.0

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