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Our Mission

SisterSMATR leverages art and community bridging the gender gap in science and technology.

Who we are

Daughters + Dreamers + Doers + Disruptors

SisterSMATR is a new organization of women with goals, dreams, ideals and partners who are willing ‘to reach for the stars’, some of them literally, to address the needs of and provide opportunities for young women of color in science, technology, robotics, the arts and entrepreneurship.
Perhaps as importantly, SisterSMATR is a collaborative of dynamic women artists and scientists led by renowned music pioneer and cultural icon Nona Hendryx.  Together, we are not only building skills, we are helping a new generation of girls to shatter stereotypes by using culture as a gateway to achieving science and technology mastery.

After centuries of neglect, young women and girls of color are finally in the spotlight.  From the White House to houses of worship, communities are coming together to address the crisis so many young women and girls face – in education, in communities, in their home lives – as they navigate the many persistent, structural barriers to success.  We’re bringing the best of creative expression, cutting edge technology and “real life” supports so that these young women will have the tools to succeed and take the future into their own hands.  Supported by our funding partners and illustrious mentors, we look forward to the amazing potential we unleash together.  No doubt, we know All SisterSMATR.

What we do

SisterSMATR (Music, Arts, Technology and Robotics) takes STEAM to the next level. We believe that our unique approach of engaging with young women around music and art through robotics and other technology will help them flourish. Working with schools and other educational programs, SisterSMATR focuses on supporting young women attending low tech schools with limited arts instruction. We provide access to our amazing STEAMRole models as well as opportunities to experience cutting edge technology coupled with dynamic forms of cultural production that both inspires and prepares these young women for the future.

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