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SisterSMATR 'FAB LAB' Closing Celebration @ Manducatis Rustica 6.14.17

The time zipped by and 8 weeks and a few days later, we celebrated Tenzing, Kalsang, Christina, Valeria, Atika, Trinity, Noa, Sarahi, as they presented their Super Hero, Super Power films and animation projects.  Shape shifting, mind reading, flying humans, time travel.  A film showing African and Latin dance and music’s influence on the world and stories of healing powers moved some of us to tears.  Kalsang’s animated film ‘A Day in the Life of a Lazy Super Hero’ filled the room with laughter.

I’m so proud of the ‘Best’ Robert F. Wagner Jr High young ladies, our volunteer teachers; Ruby Packard, Tory Jones, Cynthia Sley, Susan Helden, Annie Nocenti, our Founders, Advisors and supporters.

 Our SisterSMATR pilot FAB LAB program (Science, Math, Art, Tech & Robotics) @licymca could not have happened without the support of Lisa P. Jackson, Brown Bartholomew, Felice and Terri Pitts of Apple Corp’s.  The girls created magic with their iPens, iPads and Beats Headphones.

We’re grateful for Ebony Conely-Young (Director of the LIC YMCA) and Gianna Cerbone-Teoli (owner of Manducatis Rustica restaurant) and her Staff.  Ebony and Gianna, two people who from the beginning gave more than we could have wish for❤️  A huge THANK YOU to the lovely and loving JoAnn Chase, who was a ‘rock’ and kept me on track and lovingly up to speed and her chosen Sister, Makani Themba for clear guidance, a beautiful mind ad helping us define our mission, Michelle DePass for commiting during our first meeting, and Salimah Salaam Muhammad for financial guidance. Thank you to Diane McGrath for questioning, supporting and questioning again, Asa Arnold for her positive energy, knowledge, documenting the FAB LAB and getting out the word, China Blue for believing, Agnes Mocsy for encouraging us to think and Laurie Anderson for inspiring us and being an engaging story teller.  Thank you to Eve Sandler for our meaningful logo and artwork, Kathy Acosta and Joanna Martinez of Astoria Bank for their support and wanting to share ‘financial literacy’ with our teens.  

To our honorary ‘Guy’ supporters and 3 man cheer leading team Miles Parish (web design) Bruce Lincoln (Silicon Harlem) and Brantly Winstead ( assistant to the exe director of the LIC YMCA), we say, Hey Brothers, Go Brothers, Go Brothers, Soul Brothers!  Special shout out to Billie Jean King and the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative for their generous support, Tom at Silver Cup Studios and Google, Inc for hosting one of our field trips.
It was an amazing 8 weeks, sharing the multi purpose room at the LIC YMCA with little ones singing nursery rhymes, seniors, adults and youth of every ethnicity, swimmers, dancers, members practicing Yoga during our twice weekly 2 hr. after school classes.

Sharing knowledge, making new friends and seeing the smiles on the faces in this photo, money couldn’t buy and totally worth it!❤️?? THANK YOU & SEE YOU SOON!

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