SisterSMATR 'FAB LAB' Closing Celebration @ Manducatis Rustica 6.14.17

SisterSMATR ‘FAB LAB’ Closing Celebration @ Manducatis Rustica 6.14.17 The time zipped by and 8 weeks and a few days later, we celebrated Tenzing, Kalsang, Christina, Valeria, Atika, Trinity, Noa, Sarahi, as they presented their Super Hero, Super Power films and animation projects.  Shape shifting, mind reading, flying humans, time travel.  A film showing African … Read more

What MATRS to You?

Submit your story about how Science, Math, Art, Technology and Robotics has affected you.
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Thanks to Cynthia Sley, JoAnn K. Chase, Asa Lovechild, China Blue, Our ‘sisters’ in the Silicon Harlem house, connecting, representing, being ambassadors and bridging the gap for girls and young women of color. Our first public event and we missed having, Ágnes Mócsy, Makani Themba and Diane McGrath with us but, Thank you, sisters, you are Sisters who … Read more

Stepping Stones

OMG!  What a beginning! And the Sistersmatr ‘Stepping Stones’ created at our first visioning event are evidence of the kind of women who participated.  There we were, literally rock stars and rocket scientists, investment bankers and innovators; women ‘All In’ for creating, growing and supporting our organization’s movement. Makani Themba, our facilitator, asked each woman … Read more