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Ruby Packard began her technology career as a theater spotlight operator, video camera operator, editor and eventually computer graphics. For the past 20 years, she have been teaching computer in an elementary school.  In addition to computer basics, Ruby has incorporated coding and a maker space in the tech lab.

Cynthia Sley is the lead singer of the NYC-based punk rock band, Bush Tetras, and a veteran public school educator. The Bush Tetras continue to record and tour after 39 years together. Cynthia is also currently teaching at PS3 in Manhattan, a diverse and art-based public school in The West Village, that  has been dedicated to integrating art,music, dance, and technology into their curriculum.

Wenna (Nana) Tsao a.k.a Ń7å is an electronic composer, producer, arranger and sound designer. She produces music for singer-songwriters, artists and musicians worldwide; including brilliant Indian singer Ishita Sinha, and Devesh Dayal (the guitarist from well-known progressive rock band Skyharbor under Basick Records). Nana also focuses on composing music for advertising, film, TV, video game and multimedia. She also cooperated with the legendary singer Nona Hendryx, choreographer Francesca Harper, fashion artist Nick Cave and many more artists for providing sound, tech and lightning design of those multimedia projects. Now she continues making sound design and music for several multimedia shows in New York and produces music and sound for the artists, visual, advertisings, films and art installations from all over the world. There are no limits in the styles she creates.

Claire Lim is a music technologist and multi-disciplinary artist based in New York. As a playback engineer, programmer, and sound designer, she actively works with software such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and Max/MSP. Under her artistic project dolltr!ck, Claire produces original music and performs as a solo live electronic act.

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