Thanks to Cynthia Sley, JoAnn K. Chase, Asa LovechildChina Blue, Our ‘sisters’ in the Silicon Harlem house, connecting, representing, being ambassadors and bridging the gap for girls and young women of color. Our first public event and we missed having, Ágnes Mócsy, Makani Themba and Diane McGrath with us but, Thank you, sisters, you are Sisters who matr’d!  The Limitless Learning panel focused around Broadband and how it effects learning, education, business, entrepreneurship and community was stimulating and informative, a perfect platform for Sistersmatr.   We discussed why Broadband is important to learning and community and shared our views that it gives us; Access to knowledge and Education, Global Reach and Growth, Economic Inclusion, Communication and Sustainability of goals.  Thanks to Bill Toles, our tech and his assistant Natalie.  Thank you Bruce Lincoln and Clayton Banks of Silicon Harlem for inviting us to participate, we’ll be back for your 2017 conference!

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