Stepping Stones

OMG!  What a beginning! And the Sistersmatr ‘Stepping Stones’ created at our first visioning event are evidence of the kind of women who participated.  There we were, literally rock stars and rocket scientists, investment bankers and innovators; women ‘All In’ for creating, growing and supporting our organization’s movement.
Makani Themba, our facilitator, asked each woman to hold in mind Sistersmatr and the young women we hope to touch, and write her wish for what we will accomplish on a stone.  The answers: Freedom, Power, Dream, Included, Supported, Transformation, Passion and yes, Dandelions, a flower that will grow through the cracks of concrete.
I invite you to spend some time reflecting on the Sistersmatr Stepping Stones’ and email us your word (or an image of a stone with your word you’d like) to include in our circle.
Let’s make the Sistersmatr ‘Stepping Stones’ a bridge around the world for young women to travel to Freedom, feel Included, feel Supported, Transform their lives, pursue their Passion and become as resilient as Dandelions!